The junior marathon is a scaled down version of our marathon design especially for smaller hands.

The marathon style is designed for racing but some prefer them simply for their fast entry and exit.   Ideal for portaging where getting your hands in and out of pogies can lose vital seconds – yet without them cold hands will most certainly lead to reduced performance. 


If you are not sure about the size - why not draw round the hand and either email or fax it to us and we can advise - and if they grow overnight - then we are happy to exchange unused junior pogies them for an adult size!


Used by British Olympic and Paralympic paddlers.

Junior Marathon

SKU: 005
  • Double lined for warmth and stiffness.  Hardwearing PU coated nylon for the outer layer and a heat reflective silver lining for the inner.   The double lining provides added stiffness to make it easier to get your hands in and greater warmth.

    Shorter cuff for easy entry and exit.