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Helping you to perform whatever the weather.
The original "hot hand" 
pogies.   Developed by paddlers for paddlers.

Important update
Manufacture of the Suzy Pogies has moved to Marsport.  For details of where to purchase pogies please check out our stockist page.

About Us

Suzy's Sweat Shop has been manufacturing quality throwbags and pogies since 1982. Our products have been used across the globe in the most testing and extreme conditions

We continue to test our products in the field to ensure we maintain our goal of function and quality  

About our Pogies

Have any other pogies been used so continuously or successfully? From the Canadian Rockies to Nepal, from Australia to Antarctica – they are justly world-renowned! Used by numerous expeditions plus GB Teams, our pogies have excelled in all conditions.

The first pogies to be made in the UK - imitations can't match our reputation.

Why do our pogies work?  Well, as committed paddlers we can continuously test design and material performance - every day - so we know what is required and we know they work!

Now retailing under the Suzy brand we are focussed on ensuring you can paddle with warm hands whatever the weather.  Living up to the name of our classic pogy "Forty Below"!

Reducing our carbon foot print

All our materials are sourced from UK companies and all our products are made in the UK.  We also work hard to make our office environment paperless and reduced use of plastics.


Clear environment

We support British Canoeing's Clear Access, Clear Environment campaign.  This includes joining in organised litter picks at our local canoe club and simply picking litter from the river /sea every time we go paddling

Too small to make a difference?

Yes we are small - but every little helps.  

As Anita Roderick has said - "If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room.”!